Fractionation and processing of whey proteins and exploitation of the residue for the formulation of new functional foods and food supplements

The project took place within the frame of the Operational Program for the Implementation of the European Cohesion Policy in the period 2014-2020

Open Call: Promoting the implementation of research and development projects (TRL 3-6), Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Education, Science and Sport


Project duration: July 2018 – December 2021

The project was co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Commission from the ERDF fund in the amount of EUR 1,764,098.00

The project was built on the following assumptions and unresolved problems:

1. We are still facing the pollution of the environment caused by the dairy industry

2. Whey is insufficiently used resource of the dairy industry; as well, surpluses of produced milk are not optimally used

3. Slovenian dairies exploit the potential of whey proteins too little or not at all; abroad, demand for new technological processes for the processing of whey proteins is evident

4. The purity and quality of protein isolates from milk and whey is low and variable

5. There is a growing market demand for functional additives for food products, food supplements and natural medicines; but the supply does not meet demand

6. Physiologically active molecules isolated from milk and residues of milk processing do not achieve the same effects in the organism (in vivo) as found in the laboratory in vitro studies; we also encounter the sensitivity of protein isolates to environmental impacts (during storage, after ingestion) and consequently low shelf-life.